Friday, October 21, 2011

Success As Simple as a Cell Phone Calendar

It may seem too simple to share, but the amazing results of encouraging and leading students in using the calendar in the cell phones to support them as students make it worth posting.  Each week, quarter, or unit beginning can be set up for success for having students put reminders, due dates, and important notes into their cell phone calendars.  Including parents takes the support another step further.  Collecting interested parents cell phone numbers in the beginning of the year with a free service such as,,, an ap in your phone, and then sending a group text of important dates to parents helps everyone stay connected.  Especially for events, big tests, projects, and research papers, getting dates into phones makes a difference!

Text Talk:  Classroom Stories (Amanda Twamley, Service Club Leader)
It just hit me during one of our Service Club meetings when we were discussing a number of upcoming service activities.   I usually put all the dates in my phone.  I had all the kids numbers and had texted them reminders, but why, when they all had phones with them.  So I asked them all to take out their phones.  Their eyes got great big and they were looking at each other wondering if it was really ok.  I went through the dates and we all put the new activity dates in our phones together.  The activities had the best turn out ever and I didn't even feel like I needed to text reminders.  Their phones would remind them for me.  Now I see students putting dates in their phones when I give assignment dates in class as well.  It works great.

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