Saturday, May 28, 2011

Graduation Day--thanks to texting

As I reflect on the 27 graduates of May, 2011, from Delta Opportunity School, I can honestly say that three of them would not be graduating if it were not for text messaging. This was the only form of communication that was effective. This was illustrated by a situation that happened 20 minutes prior to the graduation ceremony. One of my girls who was graduating texted me that she would not make it. I asked why and she shared that her mother was driving her to the ceremony, but they had run out of gas. They had coasted into a gas station, but had no money to buy gas. I jumped in my car, picked her up, gave her mother $5 for gas, and away we went. This family is currently without electricity due to a $1400 bill that they cannot pay. The water was just recently turned back on, and despite it all, my student had made school a priority. Due to attendance issues, which are obvious considering the situation, she had taken an extra year to earn her credits to graduate, despite being very intelligent. I had often checked in on her through texting. She had stayed connected to school through her text only phone. Thanks to texting, she was at the ceremony. Her family got there in time to watch her walk across the stage, and she set an example for her five younger siblings to "never give up!" or should I say, "txt ur way to gradu8"