Thursday, October 27, 2011

Listen to The Brian Lehrer Show Today! Featuring the authors of "Teaching Generation Text"

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Tune in to listen to Lisa Nielsen, The Innovative Educator, and my Teaching Generation Text co-author Willyn Webb today around 10:20 EST on the Brian Lehrer show on 93.9 FM and and 820 AM. The Brian Lehrer show features interviews with local, national, and international newsmakers, authors, and politicians combined with listener phone calls.  Listen for your opportunity to call in. We'd love to hear other innovative educators on the show!!! You can also join in and leave a comment here

We plan to discuss the importance of empowering students with the freedom to learn with the digital tools they own and love. We also hope to address the importance of going from banning to embracing the power of student-owned technology and why this is important if we are to help students break free from being prisoners of past in a school system designed to prepare students for success in the industrial age.  

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