Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Continuing Connections Through Celly

While demonstrating Celly during a Simple K12 webinar a couple of weeks ago, I simply had the attendees text in to be part of the Cell.  I called it @simplek12.  They texted Celly at 23559 (C-E-L-L-Y) with @simplek12 and right before our eyes we were conntected.  We did not exchange numbers!  The group has 31 members and I've texted them as I wrote blog posts that supported the topic of the webinar, which was "The Seven Building Blocks for Successful Learning with Cell Phones."   I also ended with a poll via Celly rather than switching back to the poll I had originally prepared using a different site.  It just made sense to do it while demonstrating Celly.  The results are below.
It was fun to watch the results come in together almost immediately after all joining the group.  This is a great way to connect without a lot of sign-ups, exchanging numbers, or hassle.  Setting up a class can be done at registration and once the group is set-up others can join by simply texting the @(name of the group).

For more information on using cell phones for learning, setting your classroom up for success, convincing administrators, and many lesson plans, see Teaching Generation Text

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  1. Very interesting post!Good using cell phones for learning, setting your classroom up for success..