Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Updated Cell Phone Agreement--Celly Friendly and Safe for Educators

Updating the cell phone agreement for nonteaching school personnel as found on page 122 of "Teaching Generation Text: Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning" is a joy due to the use of Celly.  When using Celly there is no exchange of personal phone numbers.  All of the texts go through the Celly site and are documented, which adds a further safety net for educators concerned about texting with students.  With Celly students text to Celly at 23559 with the Cell name of the group.  For example an educator might use different names for different classes i.e. @English101 or @biology1sthour.  The students and/or parents then text the Celly number with that group name and are part of the Cell.  They are asked to choose a name, which educators can instruct how they want that to appear.  I usually use first and last name as one word or last name, first name as one word. Now the educator can text the entire group or click on a student for an individual message.  For much more detailed instructions and explanations of all the great features go to http://cel.ly.  The updated agreement follows:

Teaching Generation Text:
Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning

Cell Phone Agreement for Nonteaching School Personnel
for Group Texting via the Celly service.
(Note that this is a sample agreement only.  You will want to create you own based on your individual school and state policies).

     We will NOT be exchanging personal cell phones numbers.  All texting will be done through the Celly service.

     Sending and receiving text messages is for school purposes only.  All content must be applicable to the school based adult-student relationship.

     Messages can be sent-received from {indicate time if applicable}

     There is no guarantee that messages will be read in a timely manner.

     The group communication service is optional.  If you do not have a cell phone or your service is discontinued, the required information will be provided by other means (email, phone call, written note).

     All messages will be documented on the Celly site and are subject to the exceptions to confidentiality in regard to your safety.  I have a duty to protect and will share (with the appropriate agency/authority) messages that indicate possible harm to self or others, abuse or neglect, or in any way indicate an unsafe situation.

     Inappropriate messages will be cause for disciplinary action.

     The group cell code may not be shared with others unless permission to share is requested and is given by the administrator of the cell. 

     Basic texting is all that is required.  It is the responsibility of the cell phone owner to monitor all cell phone costs and pay all applicable charges. 

By joining the cell phone group, I agree to follow the above rules.

_______________________________________            _____________
Student name                                                                    Date

_______________________________________            _____________
Staff name                                                                         Date

By allowing my son or daughter and myself to communicate with the school staff via cell phone, I agree to the above rules.

_______________________________________            _____________
Parent or guardian                                                            Date

Celly service  Number: 23559
Group Cell Code: @webbgroup (example)

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